Three steps to experiencing God’s best

Be encouraged today that God has not called you to forge ahead on your own, but to walk humbly with him in serving the local church community in a way that brings Him honor and glory.

Throughout scripture, God has used challenging situations to strengthen his people to achieve greatness. Today as the world faces many crises, you may be feeling tired and worn down by the negative voices heard from in all facets of your life. Be encouraged today that God has not called you to forge ahead on your own, but to walk humbly with him in serving the local church community in a way that brings Him honor and glory. While the path before you might not be easy, it is filled with experiences that will move you closer to God’s best for your life. To experience the best God has for your ministry, you must take three steps to achieve your greatness.

Step One: Remove self-doubt 

The enemy wants nothing more than to defeat you before you even get out of bed in the morning. He will place negative thoughts in your head, he will challenge you publicly through a negative post on social media by people you care for, and he will make you doubt your calling. God’s best for your life is not falling prey to negativity but turning to prayer as the power to overcome the doubt that has crept in. Let me encourage you to remove the negative voices in your head and life that challenge you throughout the day by focusing on the positive that is happening around. Rejoice in God’s work in other ministries, encourage another pastor through a text message, or do a good deed for someone in your neighborhood. Remove self-doubt by pouring into others – taking your power back by placing it in the hands of God. 

Step Two: Savior-driven focus 

What you do matters. Repeat it; What ‘I’ do matters. Everything you do throughout your day is essential to those you cross paths. How you live your life reflects on the savior you serve, so serve like Jesus. When you turn your outlook from an inward focus to a savior-driven focus, you allow God to bless others through you. I get it, the world is dark at times, but the light in you should be so bright that it expels the darkness and propels the light forward. God wants you to achieve the best for your life; your focus must be Christ-centered and not ‘you’ centered if you are to experience all He has for you. Everything you do, everything you say, will either bring God glory or yourself glory. Why not bring God glory through your words, actions, and deeds by being driven by the savior?

Step Three: Sacrificial giving

What has God given you? When you think about that question, you realize that he has given you more than you deserve. As a leader, you can pour into other people the same way that God has done for you by living a sacrificial life that gives of your time, talent, and treasure to others. In experiencing God’s best, you will understand that you will sow not seeking to receive, but in turn, you give as an act of compassion. Inside of you is the giftings that God can use to bless others that cross your path. What you have and want must align with God for it to come to pass. Give freely to others as Christ has given to you. Give words of affirmation and encourage the downhearted. Give of your resources to sow into the building of the kingdom. Sacrificial giving is giving freely of all you have as repayment of what God has freely given you. 

Be encouraged leader today, that God is still using leaders like yourself to build-up his church. If you are facing a challenging time in your ministry, give it to God, be like God, and serve as God to others around you. Follow the three easy steps of removing self-doubt, be driven by the savior, and sacrifice to achieve the greatness that he has for your life and ministry. He believes in you and has called you for such a time as this.

Dr. Desmond Barrett is lead pastor at Summit Church of the Nazarene in Ashland, Kentucky

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