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Rural Revitalization Network’s goal is to be the marketplace for idea’s and implementation for ministry, utilizing its fullest measure to build the Kingdom of God.

The Network is bringing together a community of rural pastors and churches to the communication table, through a free exchange of information, instruction, and encouragement.

  • Engage pastors – Pastoral coaching releases ALL of who we are and who we are created to be. God has a plan and purpose for your life and ministry beyond where you are today. At the Network, we believe that the choices you make should reflect the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual realities of who you are in Christ.
  • Engage churches – Church engagement is about getting people involved. A churchgoer becomes engaged when they move beyond spectator mode and begin playing a part in the mission of the local church. It doesn’t always necessarily mean they volunteer. What qualifies as engaging your congregation depends on where the mission of your church converges with discipleship. Engagement is about the church calling, equipping, and charging its members to do the ministry’s work. It can be the difference between exponential or incremental growth. Engagement turns every person in your church into a resource you can count on instead of a body you rely upon.
  • Engage the community – For the church to embody the whole gospel, it must connect deeply to the assets, struggles, or liabilities of its surrounding community. A church can not just be a place that preaches about its surrounding community’s social ills or challenges. It has to stand in the gap and be present. Living amid the challenges, the suffering, and the opportunities in the community in which you minister. 

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