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The most important task confronting the local church pastor is to challenge the members of their congregation to work in an effective, meaningful ministry. RRN wants to help pastors release members into the community that are inspired and empowered for a lifetime of service and ministry to change the world that they live in.

Great leaders know it’s important to not just lead but to encourage others to lead as well. This is especially important for churches. When the right people feel motivated and encouraged, there’s no limit to how much they can accomplish. It all starts with inspiring them to reach their full potential.

  • Empowered Pastors – To help cast the vision and mission to their local church. Through the process of prayer, engagement, and equipping the pastor will be ready to implement the action that God has revealed in their spirits. In return members of the network will be challenged to be a mentor to an up and coming pastor, sharing the knowledge and experiences God has imparted unto them.

  • Empowered Churches – Every member is a priest of God, a dispenser of grace to a world filled with brokenness and unimaginable hurt. Three areas of empowerment will be imparted through the network: the granting of authority to go forth; providing resources and raw materials; and giving the education and training necessary to use the authority and resources properly and effectively.

  • Empowered Community – Putting into practice the critical insights that were revealed during the engagement and equipping process. Standing in the gaps of the community that the assessment process showed lacking and needing attention. Partnering with community leaders filling those gaps through local involvement with the school system, local government, and civic activities that can glorify Christ but show off neighborhood pride.

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