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About Us

A community of pastors and churches committed to bringing to life God’s Vision and Mission for the rural congregation.

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The Rural Revitalization Network is committed to encouraging pastors, churches, and communities throughout rural America to engageequip, and empower through local resources to build God’s church. Rural churches are still at the heart of God’s plan, and remains relevant to the call, worthy of our effort to help, and we stand committed with each pastor, church, and community to win the lost for Christ.

The goal of “The Rural Revitalization Network” is to engageequip and empower rural pastors, churches, and communities for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God in their local context. Rural congregations can become overshadowed by a diminished sense of significance and self-worth but, we are here to change that!

Through various resources and networking of pastors and churches using regular monthly meetings, quarterly workshops, books, articles, podcast, blogs and interviews with various leaders and teachers we look to encourage, equip, empower and walk with our brothers and sisters together.

Rural Revitalization Network Leaders

I serve as rural pastor in the Church of the Nazarene in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Being raised and gloriously saved in a small rural church in Salt Rock, WV. I know some of the advantages and disadvantages of rural churches. I have a heart and desire to see the small rural church be everything that God intends for every congregation. My prayer is that Rural Revitalization Network can be a help and blessing to the pastor, church, and community regardless of size or age.

  – Rev. Rob Beckett; Founder of the Rural Revitalization Network

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