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The purpose of RRN is to equip the pastor, church and community at large with resources to help you plan, build and lead a thriving ministry in your unique context. Hebrews 13:21 says, “fully equip you with every grace that you may need for the doing of His will, producing in us that which will truly please Him through Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory to the Ages of the Ages! Amen.”

A submissive and teachable spirit will be one that is open to God and His work to further the Kingdom.

But all that growth and excitement has to start somewhere. And that ‘somewhere’ is discipleship. Equipping and empowering church members to live out God’s intentions for His Church creates active disciples; it creates intentional disciples.

  • Equipping Pastors – Intentional guided prayer times, published weekly resources, small group guides, and an atmosphere of open dialog are part of the tools that will be available to the pastor to lead as God intends. The strong leader is an equipped leader that can teach the church through evangelism and discipleship. RRN intends to provide theologically sound, practical training materials that can be used by pastors and church leaders, and assist where possible pastors and their congregations by providing ministry resources to help make them self-supporting.

  • Equipping Churches – Equipping is discipling. You can give anyone a tool to use but unless it is used in the correct context and manner it is useless. Discipleship requires a relationship because equipping the saints is far more than downloading information, it’s a willing surrender of a person’s life for the growth of their character and behavior. One of the goals in a mentoring/discipling relationship is that “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.” (Luke 6:40) RRN will help train and equip churches to build disciples in and out of the local church.

  • Equipping Community – Where the church is placed today is not there by accident but by a divine appointment by God. Outside the walls of the church is a mission field to equip through the gospel of Christ. RRN will help evaluate community needs, and opportunities for the local church to serve in their local mission field.

For many churches that have declined and have fallen into the death spiral, it may seem that only a miracle could save them. Yet, the genesis moment is realizing that revitalization is needed. In the hour of the declining church’s greatest need, God begins to write the comeback story.

– Rural Revitalization Network
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