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“Sometimes God calls you to the hard places to do the hard things.”

– Dr. J.K. Warrick

Welcome to our page! The Rural Revitalization Network is committed to encouraging pastors, churches, and communities throughout rural America to Engage, Equip, and Empower through local resources to build God’s church. Rural churches are still at the heart of God’s plan, and remains relevant to the call, worthy of our effort to help, and we stand committed with each pastor, church, and community to win the lost for Christ.

The goal of “The Rural Revitalization Network” is to engage, equip and empower rural pastors, churches, and communities for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God in their local context. Rural congregations can become overshadowed by a diminished sense of significance and self-worth but, we are here to change that!

Through various resources and networking of pastors and churches using regular monthly meetings, quarterly workshops, books, articles, podcasts, blogs and interviews with various leaders and teachers we look to encourage, equip, empower and walk with our brothers and sisters together.

Some see rural America as a place to retreat from the noise and the confusion of city life. It’s a place to relax and enjoy recreation activities. Others see rural America as a decaying and dying landscape where people are stuck in the past and are as rundown as the old homes and churches that dot the landscape. Still others see rural people as closed-minded people who reject modern society and perpetrate longstanding biases toward others.

What do you see? Christ sees people who are without a Shepherd. To Him, these communities represent individuals who have been devastated by the ravaging effects of sin and are in desperate need of the Gospel. 

Let us have our eyes open to see as Christ sees the church and community that the church is in as fields that are ripe for the harvest and ready for the laborers to come work in them. 

What to expect: Weekly touch points from the Network.

Monday – Articles or blog post with topic germane to your local context.

Wednesday – Weekly Postcast (Starting October 14)

Friday – Short teaching/encouraging videos 

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